About Us

From my experience as a marketing over 20 year in the field of solid surface and printing, then l ventured to become entrepreneurs by engaing experts who are professonals in the field solid surfacing material.

So many customer complaints such as the speed of the production process, product quality, and the price is too commercial, then from it all, l made a breakthrough to be able to make a solution of such limitations by making the customers in an integrated service as our major assets such as the motto that we use “Customers, Service, and Trust are Our Main Asset”

– Kurniawan Winata

“In accordance with our motto “Customers,Service,and Trust are Our Main Asset” we want to provide the best products and services optimally, Armed with my experience in the solid surface company, resin and fiberglass, then the CV Triem Gunung Mas Sejahtera want to give an advantage in serving customers in order to provide quality products and outstanding service and be a blessing for others to work, and a good partner for suppliers.”

– Triharto Winasis