Our Feature

1. Hygenic and not porous
proses is one of the fundamental problems in natural stone, fissure water infiltration and growth of bacterial and germs, therefore, solid surface material to provide solutions to this problem because it is not porous and hygienis.
2. the connection is not visible ( seamelss )
The join that is not visible to stretch unlimited so look more beautiful and optimal.
3. The color and texture flexible
Many color options and more beautiful texture of natural stone even you can order color as you wish so that you more personalized.
4. Resistant to chemicals
Performnint solid surface more durable because it is resistant to some chemical liquids and do not seep water.
5. Environmentally friendly
Solid surface can be in mass production with the same motife does not depend on nature as natural granite stone, because they have is an artifical material.
6. Shape adjusted customer needs
Elastic and flexible material so easy formed according to your desigen.